Who We Are

Our Community


Technically still classified as a village on Wikipedia, Loco, OK boasts an average population of 116 people.  A close-knit community, paired with the only active local church make for a familiar and loving environment.  

Our Roots Run Deep


Loco Baptist Church was founded in 1897 and is the oldest, still-active Baptist church in Stephens County.  Come see the original step with the inscription "This church was organized July 26, 1884" by one of its first pastors George M. McDow.

A Paradigm of Rural America


Our church is comprised of farmers, ranchers, oil field workers, and the like, which instills a sense of pride in hard work and personal convictions.  

Our Staff

Pastor Zack has accepted a new position at Eastside Baptist Church in Marlow, Ok.

Join us in praying for their continued success in ministry as well as God's blessing on their lives.  We will miss them dearly.  

Please pray for our church as we search for the man God has called to be our next pastor.